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My current body of work represents my fascination with the mystery of abstract shapes and their juxtaposition with human form. My work has taken this concept most literally by combining the human form and the abstracted shapes of modern landscapes.
I am a process-oriented artist. The process is what drives my work from one piece to the next. I am constantly exploring my personal boundaries. I am inspired by all the steps in which art is made; I am not afraid to face the difficulties the process requires of myself, so long as I continue to learn and grow from it.  The process allows me to conquer problems; these challenges allow new points of departure for the next works.
I enjoy composing in a fusion between these two elements. I conceive my work  primarily as abstract with anthropomorphic elements.  It is important for me to begin with an idea, but remain malleable to the end result. It is most important to me that the piece reflects a refined aesthetic, which I can only describe when I am visually satisfied.  This becomes my new boundary for the next work: to exceed what I have done before without duplication.
The work that I make gives me the freedom to go anywhere. The abstract liberates where the figurative constrains. The work sets up my boundaries and I push against them. This is our relationship.
I am interested in the correlation between humans and their environment, specifically the natural form and the industrial landscape. My work references the integration of architecture to natural environment. I want the viewer to have the freedom to be transported in his own personal perception and imagination.  

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