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Bronze 75 pounds

"Architectonic" is a captivating half-life size bronze sculpture, meticulously crafted by Yves Goyatton. This handmade contemporary bronze sculpture exemplifies the intersection of modern aesthetics and timeless craftsmanship. Each curve and detail reflects the passion and innovation that Yves Goyatton infuses into his visual-arts creations. Enhance your space with a piece that is not only an artwork but a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and artistic vision.

"Architectonic" Half-Life size 23"H 75Ib Bronze Sculpture ()

  • 2024 Cast Bronze

    21" H x 14" W x 12" D

    When I had the vision for it, the idea was to find a model with round and generous form and have her take an exaggerated "contrapposto" pose where the body would amplify the round forms; all this to accentuate the contrast between the human and the architectural elements – capturing the natural and the artificial.  As a metaphor of "Man" and the contrast in his urban and natural environments-in an attempt to raise consciousness about what true reality human king is facing.

    This sculpture is availaible, but not available to order online. For inquiries, please email me directly.

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