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75 pounds  

Handcrafted with meticulous detail, "Inner Beauty" is a captivating 36"H bronze sculpture that embodies the essence of Yves Goyatton's artistic vision. This half life-size masterpiece exquisitely employs architectural negative space, offering an evocative balance of form and void that intrigues and enchants. This Art works  reflects the passion and expertise that goes into every creation at Yves Goyatton Contemporary Bronze Sculptures. Celebrate the intersection of sculpture and architecture with this remarkable piece, destined to be the centerpiece of any art collection. Experience the timeless allure and enduring quality that defines our commitment to excellence.

"Inner Beauty" 36" Figurative Bronze Sculpture By Yves Goyatton (75 pounds)

  • "Inner Beauty"

    Bronze 36 inches H x8" x8" Available

    Exploring the potential of negative space further, I typically add shapes to my figures; however, in this piece, I'm subtracting shapes instead. This approach allows me to redefine the figure by focusing on what is absent rather than present, creating a dynamic interplay between form and space. Through careful removal of shapes, I aim to evoke a sense of depth, mystery, and alternative perspectives within the composition, encouraging viewers to engage with the artwork in a contemplative and interactive manner.

    This sculpture is availaible, but not available to order online. For inquiries, please email me directly.

    This image was taken during the 2023 Gold Coast Show in Chicago.

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